Graph3DC 3D Grapher for TI Calculators
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Summary: Graph3DC is a 3D graphing App for TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculators written entirely in z80 assembly. It integrates with the TI-OS, allowing students and teachers to switch quickly from 2D to 3D graphing mode to graph up to five simultaneous Z=f(X,Y) equations. Users can rotate and zoom functions, control graph colors and styles, set the graphing window, and trace over the mesh to find exact values at points.
Begin: August 27, 2014
Projected Completion: January 25, 2016
Graph3DC for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition lets you graph 3D functions on your graphing calculator, a function missing from TI's own TI-OS. It integrates with the TI-OS so you can either graph 3D equations or continue to use the built-in 2D graphing tools. You can graph between 1 and 5 functions simultaneously, control the appearance of graphs including color, background color, axes, set the window, zoom in and out, and more. Because Graph3DC integrates fully with the TI-OS, you can even set your calculator into Horizontal splitscreen mode and view 3D plots and the homescreen simultaneously. If you prefer those features in list form:
  • Rendering and rotation of 3D graphs on up to a 17x17-point grid at normal resolution, or 27x27-point grid at high resolution.
  • Simultaneous graphing of up to 5 3D equations at normal resolution, or 2 3D equations at high resolution.
  • Tracing over graphs to examine the (X, Y, Z) coordinates of points.
  • User-configurable grid colors, background colors, bounds and axis display, axis labels, and more.
  • User-settable window and zoom.
  • TI-OS integration with the Y=, Window, Zoom, Trace, and Graph tools.
  • Full compatibility with horizontal splitscreen mode.
Graph3DC 1.0 Open Beta 2