Ultimate Calculator 1
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Summary: This calculator looks like a car, not a calculator. It has a PS/2 port for full-sized mice and keyboards, a color screen, a hot paint job and even illuminated case windows.
Begin: January 3, 2007
Completed: January 8, 2007

The Ultimate Calculator is an extreme-modded TI-83+ graphing calculator, a device with an MSRP of around $90. Almost everyone who has recently taken a high school or college math or science course should have at least a passing familiarity with it. It's a project I had dreamed of attempting for a very long time, but never quite had the resources and equipment to complete. At long last, it has been created, and all within the short span of a bit over a month. Firstly, to avoid a TL;DR situation, the headline features:

  • Modified LCD with RGB LED backlight controlled by a GAL16V PLD slaved to two CPU I/O lines allowing full-spectrum color control that also illuminate the case windows
  • Sanded, painted, and varnished case with sports car-style racing stripes
  • Removed LCD bevel and slanted LCD for more unique, non-branded look and easier LCD viewing
  • Internal powered PS/2 port with working drivers for use with external keyboards and mice
  • Case cutouts and case windows for added "wow" factor
Check out the links below for more detailed pictures and additional construction pictures and information.

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The Main Pictures (Click to enlarge)

The Original

The PS/2 Port In Action

The Lights In Action