A project I've had for a while and posted in December on Omni; now posting on Cemetech (I got reminded by a new, faster, similar project that should be up soon). Think Joy, but less complete. It is slow, I warn, but it works and has a cool module system. (I may overhaul it and make it faster if I get bored/interested.) It also houses a string find and replace function that I'm quite proud of. (Note: Wait for my next project, as it will probably be faster by then.) If you have any optimizations/recommendations, please post them.

You can pull it down from here.

Just put it in your MyLib folder. Have fun!
Sorry, friend, that name's taken. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-Lang_%28programming_language%29
Oh but it's Nspire. You should mention that when posting.
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