I have the Ti84+SE emulator running OK on my iPad, but I have a question about how to get it running whenever I close out the cemetech iPad session and start it again. Whenever I start the emulator, there’s a message on the calculator screen that says, Load a ROM image to activate jsTIfied. No matter what I do, it won’t start. What I found was if I’m already logged in to cemetech, the calculator will start if I logout of cemetech. If I’m logged out of cemetech, then the calculator will start if I login. So is there something I can try so I don’t have to login or logout of cemetech each time I want to use the emulator. So right now I start the emulator and either login or logout of cemetech to start the calculator.
Can you clarify some terms?

When you "close out of Cemetech" what are you doing? Closing the tab? Closing the app, or quitting the app?

Does the "Load a ROM Image" show up, then when you logout (if logged in) or login (if logged out), the ROM miraculously loads in and works?

Lastly which iPad and iOS? I'll go ahead and try this on my iPad Pro with iOS13 and report back in a few hours or tomorrow.
Alex; When I close cemetech, I minimize the app and slide it off the top of the screen. When I start cemetech and select jsTIfied TI Calculator Emulator from the Popular Resources list, it shows a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator. On the calculator screen is Load a ROM image to activate jsTIfied. Then the only way I know to get the calculator to work is, if I’m logged into cemetech, I have to logout. If I’m logged out, I have to login. When I do either of those, the calculator screen goes blank. If I tap on it, the calculator resets. I press enter and the calculator works after that. I’m on an iPad Air 3 with iOS 13.1.3 .

I loaded the ROM on my 12.9” iPad Pro 1 and the calculator works all the time. No matter how many times I close cemetech and re-load it, the calculator works. I must have done something wrong when I setup the calculator on the iPad Air.

I tried deleting the ROM image from the iPad Air 3 and reloaded the ROM image again. It does the same thing, I have to login or logout to get it to work. Maybe I’ll just skip using it on the Air and use the Pro when I want to use the emulator. Or maybe I can just use my real TI84+SE.
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