A week ago I picked up the game Sir, You Are Being Hunted. The game is a lot of fun, and I've been enjoying it a lot this past week. True to form for me, though, I can't play a game without wanting to make a program to edit the game. I looked at the save data for the game, and the player's inventory is driven through an XML file. Well, I did a bunch of stuff to extract all the item definitions and images from the game data, and have started working on an inventory editor. Here's a screenshot:

Right now all you can really do is dragon-drop the items into the inventory. The items themselves are driven through an XML file and some pngs, so adding new items as they're made is pretty simple. I'll keep posting updates as they come.
Looks nice! Should make in-game experimentation/cheating a lot simpler than editing the XML file directly. Plus, it looks very professional/clean Smile
Thanks! I think it'll be cool to give people a chance to, for example, make their own starting class by saving right away and then editing their inventory.

Here's some progress from today--loading in an inventory file:

On the right in a screenshot from the game right after saving. On the left is my tool Smile

I'm not sure what makes the brown bottles brown. It's not anything in the inventory XML, so it must be stored somewhere else.
I've finished it! Loading and saving work, as well as actually editing the inventory fully. Download here:

Edit: Also, there's a BitBucket repository for the code. Feel free to use the classes for whatever. I make no claims to the code being any good, but it does manipulate the inventory items pretty easily.
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