Our karma tracking IRC bot, DecBot recently reached 20,000 points total. A while ago I decided that once it reached 20k points, that I would reset the points so we could start over fresh! Coincidentally, this happened around the 3 year anniversary of DecBot's existence on the #cemetech IRC channel, as well as the end of the year! Because of all these events happening, we decided also to release a history of DecBot, so you can all see how it's improved over the years!

DecBot's history wrote:

~28 Dec 2010 - DecBot 1.0:
Java-based with pircbot. Kept track of karma and could link people.
Used text files for scores and links.
Discussions were had about the inclusion of "--", but ultimately decided against.

09 Jan 2011 - DecBot 1.1:
Added abuse protection in the form of subtracting a point if you "++" yourself.
Added auto-rejoin on kick.

13 Jan 2011 - DecBot 1.2:
Added ability to check karma from saxjax.
Discussions were had about "^++", but ultimately decided against.

13 Mar 2011 - DecBot 1.3:
!unlink was added.
Base conversion was added.
Both required being voiced to use.

27 Mar 2011 - DecBot 1.4:
!calc was added, used some sort of Java scripting library (not really sure which one), required voice.
Because it used a scripting engine, arbitrary java code could be run, but it was sandboxed.

03 May 2011 - DecBot 1.5:
Voice requirement for !calc and !base removed.

04 May 2011 - DecBot 1.5.1:
!clac added as an alias to !calc (because I suck at typing).

11 May 2011 - DecBot 1.6:
Calc scripting engine now times out after 1 second, and output has a max of 50 chars, and new lines are stripped.

13 Jul 2011 - DecBot scores site created:
Lists all scores and the total
Has a graph that shows top 50 scores

06 Aug 2011 - DecBot 2.0 is live!
Moved from files to SQL database, bot and site updated.
All links and scores preserved
!calc broken sometime in the transition

14 Aug 2011 - DecBot 2.1:
!calc fixed
Functions/variables added to scripting engine.

20 Nov 2011 - DecBot 3.0 tries to make it's way onto the net:
Written in C#
Uses IronPython for scripting engine

28 Apr 2012 - DecBot3 stays up for a while

08 May 2012 - DecBot3 goes down beacuse it's having a hard time with the library

06 Aug 2012 - tab separated scores website added for data processing stuff.

24 Dec 2012 - DecBot 3.5:
Uses a new irc library that is more stable
!calc now driven through wolfram|alpha
!karma without a user will now return the karma of the requesting user.
Uses my DynamicConfig library for configuration Smile

01 Jan 2013 - DecBot 3.6:
Fixed some small things in !calc:
1. If there's only one solution for a problem, it does not preface it with the name.
2. If the output is too long, it now gives you a link to the results.
Added command logging

27 Dec 2013 - About 3 years old, and 20k hit!
Scores reset just for fun
Old scores preserved for historical purposes

28 Dec 2013 - DecBot 3.7:
Added some more stuff to config file instead of being hardcoded
Added !links to list links on a person
Some extra random responses added so it does more than just "\o/"

We hope you've enjoyed this little look into DecBot's history, and here's to three more years of DecBot Very Happy
Congratulations to all of us on reaching this milestone, and many hearty thanks to Merthsoft for both writing and maintaining DecBot these many years. I had no idea it had been that long already! I'm very curious to see what the next 20,000 karma points are going to go to compared to the first 20,000. I must say that I'm also tempted to make an image or infographic or something from that timeline.
I think a shoutout is in order for C, Merth, and KermM for bringing in the top 3 places. Anyone thinking/hoping that order changes?
Is this on github?
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