its in and I created it with calcsys, but what does it do?
It does nothing atm. I believe it has something to do with the keyboard. I've seen it in when I was making the SC2 tables.
Could you hax it so that it did do something?
You would need to mess around with the parser. I don't think you can do that. You could, however, make a shell, and in that shell, have it do something with it....hint hint.. Rolling Eyes
I bet that's why Kerm said, "It does nothing atm..."
I thought Kerm was implying that future OS's might take advantage of it. You're right, it's much more realistic that Kerm does. You should make it do something cool. I bet you could even allow the program editor access to it in the same way that you can have lower case text. Come on Kerm, this is perfect for DCS Wink
Actually, you can type PrintScreen in SC2 and it will be translated into the token.
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