Never made a hangman clone so I figured why not how hard can it be(famous last words I know) So that will be my entry.

It will be coded in ASM and use the DCSGUI routines and various other routines found throughout the available libraries in DoorsCS.

More features planned then the usual just keeping them under wraps for now Wink

OK questions!

When using GUIRTextLineIn the Maximum characters allows [2 bytes] does exactly what. I'm reading it as Maximum characters allowed to be entered. But this does not seem to be the case. So what does it do?
So now that the contest is over and I have time time to actually make these screenshots and stuff
This is the icon in dcs

ok here is a list of screenshots and descriptions!
When you start the game you are greeted by this. Type in a word for the player to guess. Cemetech is the default left over from debugging sorry!

Here is the main game screen.

Here is what pops up when you put in a wrong letter.

To many wrong letters and you let the guy Hang!

Please don't do that to him Sad

Tho if your good and lucky you might win!

Yeah that is my entry in a nutshell it has a few minor bugs that mostly come from the implementation of things and will be ironed out before the release ^^
Wow you definitely made good use of the libraries!

Here it says that in GUIRTextLineIn it is indeed the max number of characters to be entered. I guess you can type in a lot of characters. Why do you think that's not what it is? I haven't used it, so i can't say.
It hasn't been implemented in doors that's why it's not working because I did set the byte. Sadly I guess I'll implement it eventually seeing as I have the dcs source todo so.

And that's what the contest wanted so I stuck to it!
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