Hi to all,
I wanted to share with you one of my project. I have been developing emulators for SEGA and other retro computing systems for many years, but recently I got interested in electronics as part of my emulation development. I wanted to port my emulator to a small embedded system, not just the PC.

So the adventure started with an Arduino Duemilanove and a TV color PAL video driver. It was written with inline Assembly . The graphic is rendered thanks to a tiny tile engine. The result was very primitive but it pushed me to go on in my adventure with micro controllers Smile

2 years later after several projects, I now know a little about electronics, but during this time, I worked with Andre' LaMothe, the creator of the XGameStation, HYDRA, PropC3, and other systems on a new web site.

I had to work hard but at the end my starting Arduino project became a real big project. I was able to design the C3Synapse for the PropC3 and go on with my emulator:

My next goal is to emulate a more complex system such as the MSX.

I hope you liked it!
I have to say that I'm much more torn on this post than I have been on many other spam-like and spam-ish threads over the years. On the one hand, I can't find someone else who made this project, so it seems you might actually have built this project yourself. On the other hand, it's a blatant advertisement for an electronics/DIY supply website with no attempt to tailor the explanation to the sort of stuff we do here, although you at least picked the correct subforum. If you're a human, please respond and explain whether this is a project and an advertisement in one, or just an advertisement; otherwise I'll remove the thread.

Edit: And if you re-edit your post to put the advertisement links back, I'll just be done with it, delete the thread, and ban you.
Hello KermMartian, thank for your reply. After a long time working in multimedia applications, I decided to program microcontrollers and apply my knowledge to more complex projects. The website I am talking about is more than shop, is a clearly attempt to give our experience together with products to help other people building their projects. Mine was an emulator of an old retro computer by SEGA. And My partner helped me a lot in developing it. This was one of the starting ideas at the basis of the creation of the website.
We will share more projects in the future. This just to let you all know that. Smile If you have a special section where to post a press release, please let me know and I will post there more accurate information.
Thank you.
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