I've been working on remaking Dino Puzzle on the 84+CSE using xlib. It's been quite a learning experience, but here's what I've got done so far:

Not that on the calc this looks fine (like, no double lined-up sprites every other frame), that's just an emu glitch.
I'm working now on swapping rows. Will post updates here as I go.

In the meantime:

That's the current sprite sheet. If anyone wants to give making a better set a go (as well as an 80x60 start screen thing), I would much appreciate it!

Here's the palette for reference:
It really entertains me watching the LCD stretch back to normal resolution. Also, good work Smile
This is looking just awesome, Merth Smile

Eager to see this as playable soon!
I'm glad you're taking this project on, Merth, even if I'm slightly jealous that I wanted to do it as well and you got to it first. I waited so long to respond because I wanted to debug the interlacing effect you see in the screenshot, and lo and behold, I found the bug and fixed it. When you next take a screenshot, assuming you refresh jsTIfied, you should see it fixed.
There were a lot of benryves up on that screen Surprised
tifreak8x wrote:
There were a lot of benryves up on that screen Surprised
Did I miss a joke about benryves being a frog as well as a dinosaur? Wink Or is that supposed to be a dinosaur head? I guess since it's DinoPuzzle, that makes sense. Are you going to keep the pink background in the final version, merth? That's the only thing about that screenshot that jars me right now; everything else looks superb and true to the original as well.
I don't really know anything about colors (being colorblind), so I defer to everyone else on design. Personally, I'm a pretty big fan of pink and green. On that note:

I modified the sprites a bit. First, I got rid of any black border, because I think that looked silly. Second, made them 15-width so they don't overrun the black bar (making that not something I have to redraw each time!). Third, added some colors. Input on sprites welcome. (I'm secretly hoping someone with a history of making awesome sprites will just remake them for me. Someone like Ashbad. Ashbad, make me sprites.)

EDIT: Here it is with a darker background:

I think that's much nicer.
Oh yeah, it's definitely a lot nicer on the dark background, although I'm still not totally sold on the pink. Unless you object, I might try a few random color combinations tomorrow and see if any of them appeal to me more. Of course, if everyone thinks the pink + lime + burgundy looks fine, I defer to consensus.
I would probably make the pink the same color as the playing field, this was just a quick test. By all means, test colors to see what looks best with what I've got Smile

Have my cake and eat it too?

In one of your earlier screenshots, a snake and dino both flashed pink partway through falling. Was that a game-mechanic or just a graphical hiccup? I haven't played DinoPuzzle in a while so my memory is foggy on the specifics of the gameplay.

Background - 53
Left/Right Panels - 238
1-Pixel Ridges - 247
Arrows - 228
Bottom - 19

It wouldn't hurt to study these against a backdrop other than Cemetech Silver.
I like Weregoose's layout, except that the middle blue is just the wrong shade/tint for the everything else to stand out correctly. The sprites + yellow bits + dark blue bottom are a lovely combo though.
These colours look great...they are so retro and remind me of the golden age...Smile
At first my thought was "eugh", but I'm not really a huge fan of yellow. The more I look at it the more I like it. I kind of like a darker look in general, but I think for a game like this a brighter look makes more sense.

elfprince wrote:
Was that a game-mechanic or just a graphical hiccup?
That's a very common jsTIfied glitch.
WOW! This is looking great, and i love the speed Very Happy.
Thanks tr1p! It's been a great learning experience getting xLib figured out. It's definitely helpful to have Smile
*Bump* Ignoring colors for a while as I work on functionality. Initial scoring has been worked on:

The rest of what I work on tonight is going to be engine/backend stuff, so I probably won't post another screen shot.
That's great progress! What sort of engine/backend stuff are you going to be working on? When will egg-creating or whatever that particular mechanic appear? I'm very anxious to start beta-testing this game. Smile
Just kind of rearranging/cleaning up code, and switching the xLib's random stuff. I've also got a bunch of code written to do swapping, but something's wrong with it so I have to figure that out.
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