One year ago, I accidentally (I was actually considering not doing it, but my stupid broken keyboard decided that one for me) pressed the submit button on a strange form on a strange forum.

The result has been the best (and worst) year of my life.

I have learned so much here, beyond even programming. I actually didn't have much in the way of friends before Cemetech, but social skills I learned here helped a ton. I also learned loads about hardware, computer architecture, tried and enjoyed several new games, and had fun doing it.

I also got exposure to a bunch of people passionate with a similar interest, being helped along the way by many other users. I have tried to return that favor by helping others, and I hope I have.

The Cemetech admins, mods, etc. are awesome.
On a few other forums I've been on in the past, the leadership is practically a robot.
They only come online when they are immediately needed, or to prowl, looking for infractions, then sending nasty PM's about how you broke the rules, why the rule is in place etc.

The current administration here actually come online at their own time, have their own projects, and are active members of the community.

Not to mention, the MC server is practically its own community, with significant quantities of overlap.

The Archives are clean, filled (mostly) with high-quality programs that deserve merit. I have uploaded some of my own programs to the archives, and feel proud of three-quarters of them. The others, well, we don't talk about them. Evil or Very Mad

I also (by chance) got my replacement calculator today, as my old one is broken (but supposedly still fixable).

If anyone could (I'm not making a new thread for this, because it's kind of small) point me into the right direction to finding a new link port and/or give instructions on how to add it?
I signed up in late 2013, but I forgot about it. Later (I think 2014-2015) I came back and starting posting about my projects often. I have been getting great feedback about my projects, both "I love this" and "It needs more" feedback, and I am also grateful for the community here.

I first read some feedback you wrote about Sorcery of Uvutu (can't remember which version, I think it was the CSE one) and was glad to hear your insight, and get your point of view. Sometimes I really like not explaining screenshots of my game and seeing what people say, to figure out what people see when they don't know what they're looking at in a game, which is useful data for any game designer, programmer, game artist, or in most hobbyist programmers' cases, all 3 at the same time. I check your projects out, and looks like you make well thought out projects! From our interactions, I can definitely tell you're a passionate programmer and motivated person, and wish you well going forward!
I think the easiest thing to do would be to get a broken one on ebay and desolder the link port (I assume you mean USB-OTG [On The Go] port) and use that, after testing the broken ebay one to see if the port works. If not, you've got spare parts! (Not much anyway, but it's still something!)
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