It's kinda hard to say right now, and I need as much sympathy as possible. My Grandmother died yesterday. It wasn't like "Oh well, another friend is up in Heaven, now let's get on with our lives." She was more than anyone in the world has ever been to everyone she knew. She was the perfect example of how to live life. She had a heart attack, went into the hospital and had a quadruple bypass surgery on her heart. Once they closed her up they found something wrong. Her blood pressure was slowly dropping. They tried surgery on her about 4 times. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH HER! The doctors did everything including put a probe in her heart. They brought in doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist. The doctors said that she was the healtheist patient they ever worked on. She didn't have diabetes, cancer, or anything at all that would hinder it. But she died peacefully and before she died she said that she wasn't afraid, she could feel every single prayer praid, the Lord was with her every step of the way. And it was her time. If any of you are Christians, I am going to as you to pray for me and my family. But not just me, my Grandfather, he's going through the toughest time of his life and he needs it.

Thanks in advance for your sympathy.

Im really sorry to hear that. I know what its like to lose a grandparent. how old was she?
My condolences to you and your family, swivel.
I am sorry to hear about that. I have lost both my great grandparents that I knew here, and my Grandfather on my Dad's side. I never really had much of a Grandma on my dad's side either, since she is sooooo worried about how much money she has... Sad

My grandparents on my Mom's side is still in Germany, and I talk to them about 3 times a year...
Yeah, my only surviving grandparent is my maternal grandmother.
sorry to hear about your losses swivel, I will keep you in my prayers.

Only my grandfather on my mother's side has died, and my only great-grandparent is on my father side. The only thing that took my Grandpa younger than the rest of his family was all the smoking. I think I have a long life to live
that's always good lo know. Ancestors can be very helpful lo learn more about oneself.
elfprince13 wrote:
Im really sorry to hear that. I know what its like to lose a grandparent. how old was she?

she was not old at all, she was only like 69. My great grandma(her mother) died when she was about 97 I think, some were in the 90's. Its really hard. I dont think most know how much she ment to all of us. She was not just another christian, her whole life was devoted to us and God. She is undiscribable. Its really hard because my grandpa is not used to this. He cant even say anything with out you seeing a tear in his eye. no one is used to this and I have cried today and yesterday than I think I will ever cry. She was something else. Sad . Crying

well, we all are here if you need us.
Thanks guys. This is one reason I like this forum is its more like family than what I cant discribe at Thanks for the prayers, I know we can all feel them, I KNOW I CAN! thanks much!

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