willwac wrote:
Will you make a version of MT3 for the ORION?
MT3 is for calculators that can't inherently generate music. Since the Orion calculator can already generate notes on its own, it's not as interesting of a technical challenge for me.
The Orion voice module hardware - it is worth the price?

Content not available in english yet, but you might be interested into having a look at the photos already.

Motherboard connectivity:

Motherboard chips:

Yes... Two ARM processors... Far more powerful than the calculator itself! Razz
Great news - the Orion talking module for the TI-84 Plus includes a total of nine different voices associated with common first names - in order:
  • Paul (default)
  • Harry
  • Frank
  • Denis
  • Betty
  • Ursula
  • Wendy
  • Rita
  • Kate

This evening, let's discover all these voices one after another! Wink

Source : http://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=152830&lang=en
critor wrote:
Great news - the Orion talking module for the TI-84 Plus includes a total of nine different voices associated with common first names[...]
That's fascinating, thanks for sharing. How did you discover this? Does the software offer an easy way to switch voices? Do any of them have accents?
As far as I know, you have to go through the module audio menu to switch voices.

No shortcut, and I don't know if an assembly program could do it automatically.

I did discover the possibility to switch voices thanks to Chase Crispin's official video, where 3 voices can be heard during a short time.

Edit: More follows in my next post.
The TI-84 Plus Orion audio menu news, now available in english for your convenience (thanks to Lionel for taking the time to translate).

Chase Crispin has released a new video clip of his voice-enabled graphing calculator, the TI-84 Plus equipped with the Orion voice module. This time, he provides information about the 11 special keys onto the module.

Among the video clip's contents are the audio configuration menu, accessible through the 'pref' key. A retranscription of the menu follows:

Graph options
   Navigation tone duration
      200 milliseconds
      400 milliseconds (default)
      600 milliseconds
      800 milliseconds
      1 second
   Equation playback duration
      2 seconds
      3 seconds
      4 seconds (default)
      5 seconds
      6 seconds
      8 seconds
      10 seconds
      12 seconds
      14 seconds
      16 seconds
   Negative value noise
      Level 1
      Level 2 (default)
      Level 3
      Level 4
      Level 5
   Negative value vibration
      Enabled (default)
   Coordinate annoucement
      Only X
      Only Y
      Only numbers
      X before Y (default)
      Y before X
   Reset graph settings
Speech options
      Paul's voice (default)
      Harry's voice
      Frank's voice
      Dennis' voice
      Betty's voice
      Ursula's voice
      Wendy's voice
      Rita's voice
      Kate's voice
      3 (default)
   Menu item number announcement
      off (default)
   Reset speech settings

Orion help
   Battery status
   Firmware version
   Serial number
   Quiet mode
      Enabled (default)
Reset all

There's a surprise: we're learning about the fact that the module contains voice data for multiple persons. Paul was the default speaker until now in our previous experiments, but there are others, with a gender parity for choosing one's companion, as the module provides:
  • 4 male voices: Paul, Harry, Frank and Denis
  • 5 female voices: Betty, Ersila, Wendy, Rita and Kate

Cats are said to have 9 lives, and the TI-84 Plus Orion voice module has 9 voices Wink

Given that the module already supports multiple voice tones, it should be even easier to add other languages in a future update!
But that requires consumer demand for such a feature... Wink

Source : http://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=152308&lang=en
Cool, thanks for sharing. So did you Orion therefore not come with a manual of any kind? I'm still anxious to receive mine and explore the device. Smile
No, the manual is an online HTML page:
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