There are some awsome Betas that Windows is giving out and they work AWSOME!! Get a hotmail account then goto! There working great and I have never been more happy to use microsoft windows. Its got:

Windows Live Search beta
Windows Live Toolbar beta
Windows Live Expo beta
Windows Live Messenger beta
Windows Live Mail beta
Windows Live OneCare beta

Windows Live Local beta

Windows Live Safety Center beta
Windows Live Favorites beta
Windows Live Search beta – mobile
Windows Live Mail beta - mobile
Windows Live Custom Domains
Microsoft Office Live beta beta

The Toolbar especially! its awsome, no more having to worry about tons of tabs on the start menu bar for the web explorer, it give tabs and tons of differant stuff!!! Plus is a live version of Hotmail so its got your mail, local weather, advanced(easy-to-read maps) directions, and satellite photos, And TONS more! Sign up for hotmail now, and you wont regret it!

Oh and hey, it shows your C\ instead of the IE page. ITS AWSOME!

Nah, I think I'll stick with my nice lap cat, thank you very much.
(For the uninitiated: lap cat = lap tabby = lappy tabby = laptop-tablet)
so, in other words, microsoft copied Google toolbar, but forgot the best the RSS integration?
Very Happy pretty much. Smile
correction: Google Desktop Search... and i'm sure microsofts version tracks everything that runs through it Razz
Google Desktop seems pretty awesome from the week I've been using it.
It is awesome... i used to have it, but i got rid of it... (i really didnt need it, since my personalized google homepage tells me the same stuff)
Ah, got it. I like it for finding stuff in my calc and website files, 'cause Windows never does the indexing correctly.

/me considers making a PHP script to index his harddrive...
Not that hard, really, provided you have native php handlers installed.
and assuming i feel like wasting >100mb on the SQL space needed to store the data, and setting it up to autorun every so often...
Of course. But as I said, you could waste the 100mb on your computer. What do you use, xampp?
yeah... i tried TSW for a bit, but didnt like it... it left weird registry entries and didnt start up right...
What's TSW? I tried XAMPP, and I found it too counterintuitive. Plus, I would have had to mod a lot of stuff in my site to make it work together.
I llke XAMPP. PHP-HOME is also good. I have that on the lappy
What does PHP-HOME do? Preferences vs. XAMPP?
little less resource intensive, bui less features and harder to set up. Does not ftp or mail server either. I got it for when I was doping the first page. You have to configure phpmyadmin your self
i just need some sort of hosting control panel for it... then i'll be happy...
Eh, I'll stick with just doing all my beta-testing online. Oh well. Smile
alex10819 wrote:
so, in other words, microsoft copied Google toolbar, but forgot the best the RSS integration?

Actually, M$ is one of the contributors to the RSS standard in cool ways and actually supports and contributes to its open nature. Apple, on the other hand, uses its own proprietary XML that it CALLS RSS, but is not open, and therefore not technically RSS (iTunes and its PodCasting are an example of 'invalid RSS')
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