I haven't done much in the way of calculator programming in the last few weeks, partly due to time constraints, but also due to interest in spending my free time doing a few other programming and related hobbies, such as Minecrafting!

I'm a Batman fan, and in particular a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan films. Around a year ago when The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) came out, I thought it would be cool to create Wayne Manor and the Batcave in Minecraft, based on the Nolan version in TDKR. I rushed into it, starting with the Batcave and then building the mansion around it, but I didn't do much planning. After a month or so, it wasn't working quite as I had envisioned it, and I gradually lost interest.

I've recently picked up this project again. It quickly became apparent that due to the lack of planning, it would be best to start from scratch! I've spent the last few nights looking over numerous photos, plans and aerial views of Wollaton Hall (the English manor that was used in TDKR), and planned out a much better layout.

So whilst I'm starting from scratch, I have a lot more confidence that this version will be much better. Who knows how long it will take to complete, but hopefully I have more success than my first attempt!

I've just started the actual building in-game now, so once I've made some decent building progress, I'll post some screenshots Smile
This sounds like an ambitious and fun project, James_V! Not to promote my own projects too much, but are you familiar with SoarseWorld? If you could find a decent Collada model of Wayne Manor, you could at least generate a pretty good voxelized model of the Manor, if not the Batcave.
I'll go one better. You find *any* model of Wayne Manor or the batcave that Milkshape 3D can handle and I'll convert it to collada for you so it can be plugged into Kerm's script.
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