What color should the backpack be?
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 50%  [ 2 ]
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Total Votes : 4

Have any of you read the book "My Side of the Mountain?" If so, I am thinking of making an adventure map out of it.
Starting Items:
Flint and Steel
40 Emeralds (Money)
Chest (Backpack)
NOTICE: If you have the backpack mod, I will also inclde a Backpack.
Also, if you want a ceartain color backpack post an idea. (Majority Rules)
Also, vote runs for 4 weeks
Yeah I've read this and the 2 other in the "series". That would be a pretty neat adventure map. Make sure we get to have a perigrin falcon! Hopefully I am talking about the same book(s) right?
That series was amazing. I think It would be a cool adventure map.
Dont forget to add weather Smile
zeldaking: I wont forget about Frightful! (But since there are no pet birds, I need your opinion: Should Frightful be a Wolf of Ocelot?
16aroth6: I am glad you aprove of my idea. I will add weather.
The map will not start progress until Friday.
Thank you all for your ideas.
His dad, Bando, Mr. Jacket, Aaron and Matt will all be Villagers. His Fireplace will be a furnace. He also needs a book and quill for his journal. If anyone wants to help, use hamachi.
Ip address to join on hamachi?

I would love to help.
My backpack is blue in real life, so I think you should do blue. It might be hard to carry around a chest, or change the color of the chest.
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