Calctown is one of the latest programs I have been working on.

The forest works in the top right area, and the stream works in the top left. I haven't had much time to make the sub programs for anything else though.

If you have any ideas, please tell.
It should be fun when I'm finished.
Is it basic, ASM, Axe, or hybrid?
It is hybrid.
very nice. Maybe once you finish the project, you could convert it to Axe or something.
Would have to learn Axe first...
Here is the stream

And the forest

The stream is a reflex thing.
In the forest, you select a tree with the function keys, then cut that tree down using the power meter.
What is it, exactly? An RPG? A set of minigames?
probably more like an rpg

Im making it so that you can take the resources from the forest and mine ect (garden, stream, store)
and use them to make other items.
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