This site shows you how to set up Notepad++ properly, but I need a little bit of help because the instructions are not the same for my operating system, Windows 8 (the instructions are for Windows '9Cool.
That is supposed to say for Windows '98.
Another thing, I downloaded the Doors CS 7 SDK here:

but do I also have to put something on my calculator as well? Or does that program do everything for me? Just a little confused on how everything works and the order to do them in.
Although the Doors CS 7 SDK was first created for generating ASM programs to run under Doors CS, it can also generate what are called nostub ASM programs, which do not require any extra software on the calculator. Ignore the ASM in 28 Days instructions for setting up the assembler, and just read the Doors CS 7 SDK setup instructions. For your editor (we recommend Notepad++), grab .
I have notepad ++ already, but the site (where the z80 tutorial is) says that notepad++ automatically names my source code source.z80.txt and it's not supposed to and the site is showing me how to fix that, but the instructions are for Windows '98. There, I hope that cleared everything up.

And also, could you tell me about the difference between nostub programs and ones under Doors CS? Or do you have a link I could go to maybe?
No, it says that Notepad (the built-in Windows program, not Notepad++), automatically names source code source.z80.txt or source.asm.txt. That's one of the many reasons to avoid Notepad and use Notepad++ instead. Just ignore Day 1's installation instructions and if you already have Notepad++, simply grab the Doors CS SDK.

A nostub program is one that you run using the Asm( command. While Doors CS can run nostub programs too, Doors CS (and other shells) offer a set of handy, pre-written routines for programs to use, including routines for file manipulation, graphics, and more.
Okay, I didn't realize notepad and notepad++ were different things, thanks.
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