I have got my program to display OS ROM addresses and the contents of these up and running. I have started with $452E which is the address of the b_call(_newline). The first four machine codes are :- $44, $CD, $1E, and $1B. These I have hand-disassembled as :- ld b, h, call £1B1E.
So far so good. The next obvious thing is to find an application into which I can enter this raw machine code and have it disassemble, so that I will know if I am on the right track.
I have searched diligently for about five hours today, and tried several ways of making the numbers into an .8xp program which will work. All with notable lack of success. Is there an application which will do what I require. I begin to doubt it. Confused
Calcsys includes a disassembler, though that may do everything you seek to do and defeat the purpose of whatever you're working on.
Thanks Tari. Calcsys downloaded. Will have a close look tomorrow. I'm bushed for today.
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