Hey guys, new to this forum/website, been programming my own calc for a few years now, didn't know there was such a community and so many option and things to do with these codes.

I'm getting an error while trying to upload a code to the source coder tool. It is a ( .8xp) file

I downloaded a code, (for the first time) wanted to add and remove things from it so I unlocked it using DCS7, still can't upload it though. I get an incorrect file type msg..

file link http://www.speedyshare.com/Qa7YZ/CHEAT3.8xp
Thanks for the help in advance!
The problem is that the program has the invalid byte sequence $7E, $FF in it. $7E is the starting token for the graph style tokens, but it has no valid second byte $FF. Can you tell me how the program looks on-calculator directly after the section of code that SourceCoder has printed in that message?
I looked and it is the following line:


If sub(Str1,B,1)="►"
Xeda112358 wrote:
I looked and it is the following line:

If sub(Str1,B,1)="►"
I don't believe that $7E, $FF is a valid encoding for the ► token, but if the calculator feels otherwise, I can add that equivalent to SourceCoder. I'll investigate this further on my calculator.
yeah, it isn't valid to my knowledge, kind of like 600A isn't a valid token but gets represented as "GDB1" instead of an 11th pic variable.

Now I am curious if those variables will work...
Is this a program you made yourself, or was it made by someone else? If you made it yourself, did you write it on-calculator or use another tool?
Written by a 3rd party on wabbitemu.
DEL wrote:
Written by a 3rd party on wabbitemu.
Ah, makes sense. Well, the only way to use it with SourceCoder would be to repair that broken token. If you'd like, I can try to manually repair that, but I won't be able to get to it until later this evening at the earliest. A faster fix would be to edit the program in WabbitEmu (or jsTIfied), change each of those ► tokens to something like > for now, then import the program into SourceCoder and fix them back to the proper equivalent (namely [|>]).
I have a second file with 1 line of code in it. is it possible the author made a reference to prevent opening in the source code?

link: http://www.speedyshare.com/BswWx/LOW.8xp
Solved it, thanks everyone.


#close requested
How did you resolve this?
comicIDIOT wrote:
How did you resolve this?
I second this question. What did you manage to do to get this fixed up? And of course please don't hesitate to speak up if you have any future problems with SourceCoder.
How did you resolve this?

Yes, it would be most helpful to detail a resolved problem on the forums. The community thrives on sharing anything which is of help to others either now, of a some point within the future.
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