now that the UTI Basic Contest results have been announced, I can officially unveil this.

I will post screenies and the link as soon as I find a computed here that will open tgz's.

[ot]Kerm, did you make Cemetech into an AJAX site? I keep getting a loading thingy in the corner[/ot]
Indeed I did. I have yet to unveil my big breakthrough.
What exactly is BattleField83+?
My thoughts exactly. Description+screenies plz?
its a stratego type game. none of these retarded school computers have the ability to open tgz's (and they block downloads of executables), so I cant get to my screenies.
Alrighty. What makes your specific implementation of it different/unique?

really fast board rendering times....and a few rule changes to make things more interesting

the download is here.
Nooks nice! Does it require xLib or anything?
I should think NOT....
Heh, excellent. What score did you get in the contest?
I got an 89.5
Cool! I might consider entering their next contest, if they have one.
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