i just recently bought a new ti 84 plus calculator and im wondering if anyone knows a very detailed step by step process on instaling a pokemon red program any version. if you have a way to do it, i would be greatly appreciative. Smile
Welcome to Cemetech, Cinnamon! Sadly, Pokemon Red is a very poor version, very broken and not at all like what you'd expect it to be. That said, this topic explains the process:
[HELP] Step-by-Step Tutorial for Pokemon on TI-83+/TI-84+

Better option: Try Pokemon Topaze by Cemetech member Hayleia. If you need other program and game ideas (and you should grab Doors CS too!), don't hesitate to ask.
I really don't recommend Pokemon Red v2.5 unless you are really concerned about file size (Topaz is larger IIRC). Although it was the best Pokémon game for the calculator in 2000, it lacks battle graphics and dungeons are really basic compared to the original game. Topaze is shorter and has fewer Pokemons, but it is much more quality.
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