This one is borderline nsfw. Still awesome though.
It doesn't update often, but here's a webcomic.
Hahaha, that's wicked cute. bwhaha this is totally, you, merth Smile Epic.
I really liked the Evee one Smile
As did I, I purchased that mp3 from amazon. She has a wonderful voice.
I love ditto:

Haha, yeah, I know you do, and that picture makes it all the more awesome Very Happy

I'm watching the episodes, by the way Very Happy

re: the picture you posted with Ditto licking Jesse, saw that episode last night, it was awesome. Smile
tifreak8x wrote:

That hurts. I'm waiting for someone from the red universe to appear. I literally have every pokemon that I can get without trading. Even caught myself a Mew, in game.
tifreak8x wrote:

maximum punnitude.

Pikachu is part Ditto.
Pikachu is <3

Also, love its Buneary impression. lol

If you've not seen the episodes, Jigglypuff has NO luck. It wants to sing to everyone, but always puts everyone to sleep. So it gets mad and marks on everyone's faces.
Haha, where'd you find that?
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