So I downloaded Ti connect and Doors CSE for my 84 Plus C.
And I transferred it to the calculator like the video shows except when I run it, its a blank white screen. There is the bottom bar and the scroll bar and a black box the size of an icon in the upper left corner.
No matter what I click it just refreshes and the rest of the screen is white.
How do I get Doors CSE onto my Calculator?
That sounds an awful lot like you have no programs that DCSE is recognizing. Try putting a couple of programs from the 84+ CSE section onto your calculator and run DCSE again, and see if that doesn't change anything.
But shouldn't there be at least the basic screen. With utilities and such?
When you have no programs on the calculator, Doors launches with nothing on the screen. Because there are no programs to show. Do the menus work?
Menus? I'm able to go into options and select and unselect things though.
Push the [Y=] key. You should get a pop up menu.
Yea I get the menu
Ok! Once you add a program to your calculator, launch doors and the program should show up. Try this:
Remember, you can also launch most programs from the homescreen.
Oh I see how Doors CS works now. Thank you
You're welcome! Just here to help Smile
What are some suggested programs?
Depends on what you are looking for, really.

You can find some great ones here:

And located here:
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