huykhang wrote:
can i use the rom8x for my TI-84+ CE?

I dunno, but you can't use jsTIfied for the CE (yet). You need CEmu to test programs, and a ROM dumber is included in CEmu which is very easy to use.

I am a poor old teacher who's district just gave chrome books with chrome OS on them I am not the best with computers however, I was able to download the 84 on my smartboard and desktop for my classroom but now every student has this laptop with is running chrome OS and the Chrome OS will not allow me to open any of your files to run jsTIfied if you can please let me know what the steps are to run jsTIfied on this Lenovo 11e Chromebook with CHROME OS running...

I have no idea how to get it to work.... if you can post some step by step instructions to do so We all would greatly appreciate it who have these chrome books running CHROME OS. Not to mention I would be able to send this info to literally thousands of students who will now have your program jsTIfied running on their chromebooks as well.

I have a school district chromebook and i can run jsTIfied just fine, i use it all the time. Since jsTIfied is entirely online, the OS doesn't matter... Did you upload a ROM image?
Pieman7373 wrote:
I have a school district chromebook and i can run jsTIfied just fine, i use it all the time. Since jsTIfied is entirely online, the OS doesn't matter... Did you upload a ROM image?

Yes it should work; jsTIfied doesn't rely on the OS . If you don't know how to do download a ROM image, you can find the steps here.
(The steps are under 'DOWNLOADING A TI-83 PLUS/TI-84 PLUS ROM IMAGE')

EDIT: Okay, so you will have to download the ROM image on another computer, then you could transfer the ROM to your Google Drive and put it in a folder that you share with your students. Not that it is illegal to do this if you don't have a class-set of calculators... using a ROM is pretty much saying you have a corresponding calculator that you got it from, so be careful not to transfer an amount of ROMs that are greater than your number of calculators that you have (if any).

All creds to jonbush, Pieman7373, and Ivoah Smile
Luxen wrote:
I, too, have seen my math teacher use this (though she has yet to bring it up in class) because the school emulator is a peice of crap. i just wish it ran a tiny bit faster, but once again, that may be the schools crappy software. i do also enjoy that it never seems to fail with exporting of any Variable- a big problem ive encountered with other emulators.

Hey Hi Luxen
You Are Absolutely Right 100%. This Software Was An Amazing And Best Fabulous Features And Doing Great Job Hats Off Thanks....................
Holy necropost, Batman!
I'm using a ROM dumped from a 2021-manufactured TI-83 Plus, Base 1.19 / Boot 1.01. With LCD contrast at maximum, the image is still light. The image disappears entirely at contrast 6. This doesn't depend on what browser I'm using.

On Firefox 78.14.0esr and the above ROM image, I can't open the Send File to jsTIfied dialog. On Internet Explorer 11, I can open the dialog, but cannot send Doors CS 7.3 (nothing happens when I select the file).
[edit] This is probably an app signing issue on my end.
[edit2] Transferred just fine with Graph-Link 83Plus ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I found an interesting bug in chrome, I used a TI-84+CSE rom, punched in an equation, tried to scroll up to get the equation back (because of course I typed it in wrong :/ ) and the emulator froze. Tried just restarting the calculator (2nd+ON then ON) and then the screen started glitching. As far as I could tell, the calculator was still trying to do something but I could not tell what. jsTIfied's capture of the screen
My screenshot of the mess
This is a known issue.
MateoConLechuga wrote:
This is a known issue.

Oddly enough I fixed this at some point - the problem was that I emulated what the datasheet for the LCD hardware says should happen with a particular invalid series of commands the OS uses, rather than what the LCD actually does. But apparently the published version doesn't reflect that.
I'd like to capture the calculator on my screen to share during video lectures - I have a free YouTube channel, but I am also making paid statistics courses, of which a small part of the course would include videos on how to use the TI-84. The results are so much better with the emulator than using my camera to record a physical ti-84. Would this type of commercial use be allowed? Would be happy to share an example. Thanks.
You're welcome to screen-record jsTIfied for it! Please just give us credit somewhere.
Thank you, will be sure to do so!
I can not figure out how to upload a .Rom file of my own seeing how it is illegal or something like that. This is entirely all too frustrating, thank you.
ROM dumpers to retrieve a ROM from your own calculator do exist and are generally not too difficult to use. Check for ROM8x software:
Can someone please provide a project timeline for the implementation of TI-84 Plus CE and CE-T Roms?
cavaire3d wrote:
Can someone please provide a project timeline for the implementation of TI-84 Plus CE and CE-T Roms?

For CE emulation, it's best to use CEmu. It has a lot of features and I doubt that jsTIfied is ever getting CE support. If you're looking for an online emulator, TI-Planet's project builder has a lighter-weight version of CEmu that runs in the browser.
As TIny_Hacker said, it's unlikely to come any time soon, as everyone who was working on adding CE support subsequently became very busy.
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