I find this to be a bit on the interesting side of things. A doctor has used a modified HIV virus to kill off cancers and has apparently been successful. A person's immune system is still compromised, so they still have to deal with that, but it's still a break through.
I'm not surprised, it's been that retroviruses are used to kill cells, isn't it ?
As long as it doesn't turn out like the movie I am Legend. <.<
I remember how it popped up as a possibility a couple months ago, then the topic seemed to evaporate and we hadn't heard anything about it since.

It's great that they actually managed to do it!
Is there no way to keep the retrovirus from attacking immune system cells? Could it not be made to exclusively attack cancerous cells, and then die? Or, instead of modifying HIV, could normal human T-cells be modified to attack cancer cells? Or would that end up like the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Natural Selection"?

EDIT- Got ninja'd with answers to my questions
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