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Engineering Air
You flip the light switch a few feet up a vent spews out pure clean oxygen. A few miles away an electrical plant’s tall Columns of brick, steal, and plaster churns out the exact same gas, oxygen. Over 10000 miles away, the once smoggy city of London is as clear as the fresh county side. What would you say if someone told you it could happen in 2020? Would you believe them?
As of mid-summer, Panasonic has created and unlocked the secrets to the construction of artificial photosynthesis. It is so incredible that the system ‘fixes’ CO2 into pure organic products just with inorganic components.
The chemical process is a simple three-part contraption. All that one needs to have is a light, CO2, then a Nitride semiconductor, and finally a metal catalyst. There is only one problem; it does not make just oxygen. In fact oxygen is not even the main product, HCOOH (formic acid) is. However, formic acid is very useful in our modern industries. This substance if found in bee venom and ant stings, it is currently in many household cleaning agents, livestock feed, and most synthetic dyes. The chemical itself is organic, that is why Panasonic, the scientist, think that it will be plausible to make just pure oxygen. Scientists believe that this process could make other pure organic molecules as well.
Part of the contraption is a nitride semiconductor; this is a key ‘ingredient’. This is the part that when hit with light makes water decompose. After that in a separate section, the CO2 then is reduced, and the formic acid is combined. The nitride semiconductor is a replacement of the previous attempted splitting of water with many electrodes and gizmos which were needed to split the water. This semiconductor also allows the use of any form of light, that being sun, laser, incandescent, or even moonlight. Although the light emitted is going to be proportional to the speed and amount of reaction that will happen.
As far as oxygen being made, some is released however, not much. The CO2 is completely gone by the end of the reaction. Finally, the formic acid is made to be completely pure. The system itself is par with a green plant with an energy rating of 0.2% (the same as a plant, lower is better.)
The main question is this; what can this do for us, and how is it important? The answers are so many so many the ones listed are just the start of it. One, it can solve our ozone depletion. This is the main contributor to the global warming theory. Also, if solved we will have a greater understanding about earth, such as if it can heal itself. Two, companies can expel O2 rather than CO2. That is the reason that ozone is depleted in the first place. After solving this there will be more focus on better products then suites over the EPA guidelines. Three, cars may be able to have a smaller process added that makes organic gas that recycles its self. On the other hand, it could simply be added to the tailpipe so it putts out oxygen. Whatever the answers are given, all will lead to oxygen being made over other harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), Ozone (O3), and particulate matter.
Right now, this breakthrough system is locked up in patents that will prevent anyone from using this formula for trademark businesses. There are over 20 patents attached to it some are domestic and others are overseas. All this being said it is clear that Panasonic will lead the world in to a better healthier world.
As with all systems, natural ones are the best. This only mimics the natural process of photosynthesis. As it is not natural then it may break down or be proven wrong in some way. One thing is clear; humans really can start breathing easy again.

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Yay, lets kill all the plants and populate the world with machines.

We don't even need animals for respiration—got plenty of machines that do that already.
Deep Thought wrote:
Yay, lets kill all the plants and populate the world with machines.

We don't even need animals for respiration—got plenty of machines that do that already.

OK that's not the point, the point is to have system that captures the CO2 and turns it into some other product.... this means we are helping the plants, reducing our load on them so they can work normally, not to mention that is not a very good thing to say .... "plenty of machines that do that... we don't have any that do this, Panasonic has been the only successful people that have managed this. the accomplishment is the fact we eliminate the CO2 before it gets to the plants, which are meant to replace out( the humans breath) not a machines output.
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