Curvy Text allows you to warp text according to a curve you specify. Enjoy!

BASIC Code wrote:
:Input "TEXT: ",Str1
:If pxl-Test(J,I
:Input "CURVE:(Y=): ",Str1
:Input "START X: ",A
:Input "END X: ",B
:If "1"=sub(Str3,J,1
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! Awesome idea, Jon, and nicely executed. Good coding.
Thankee. Perhaps I should make an "API" version so you can call it from other programs?
Mos' def. Y'know, this reminds me of the PS CS text distortion menu.
Definitely cool. Smile
KermMartian wrote:
Mos' def. Y'know, this reminds me of the PS CS text distortion menu.
Heh, yeah, I'm pretty pleased with the results. The only problem is that the text gets wayyyyyyyy stretched out if the curve approaches anything resembling a vertical line, but I'm not sure if there's a solution that would be worth the amount of code it would take to fix.
That's sounds normal to me, not like a problem... ?
Oh yes, it's normal and it's how the algorithm works, but try putting some text on y=1/x starting at x = 0.1 or so and you'll see what I mean. Wink
Laughing Well Kerm, it seems that there are now forum spam bots here.
I thought guest posting wasn't allowed here
Wow, bots are getting clever.
I somehow forgot to disable guest in a few of the forums. Sad
The new posts page needs to be cleaned up too.
It turned out to be the BASIC 1337 member forums - whoever created them didn't perm them. Sad
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