So I was working on a python script to take a prufer array and generate an output nested array that contains the vertice pairings of the tree.
here is the current code:


def prufer_to_tree(array):
    tree_list = []
    n = range(0, len(array)+2)

    # the degree of each vertex is how many times it appears in the array
    # since each node is numbered randomly from the original tree
    # in the array sequence
    deg = [1]*len(n)
    for i in array: deg[i] += 1

    # for each vertex labeled i in array, find the first vertex(ices)
    # j with degree 1 and add the edge (j, i) (from vertex j to vertex i) to the tree
    for i in array:
        for j in n:
            if deg[j] == 1:
                # decrement the degrees of i and j
                deg[i] -= 1
                deg[j] -= 1

    output = [x for x in n if deg[x] == 1]
    # Also remember that the output will have '0' in it
    # This is not an error rather, it represents the first vertex
    # Output will occur because python starts index arrays at '0' rather than '1'
    # Output is nested list with
    return tree_list

And this should successfully generate a tree array when given any random prufer array.
But now I need to use the turtle function of python to draw the actual tree and possibly label them (?) And I really suck at making the turtles do anything.

tl;dr I need help drawing the trees generated by the above script

I have the graphics part down, now I need to write a script for taking a nested array that contains the vertice pairings of a tree to convert back to a prufer code array.
The input should be [outer vertex, inner vertex] and should be ordered ascending order with respect to the outer vertice in each nested unit. Any ideas?
Why use turtle? There's a host of *good* UI toolkits for python, use one of those. PyGame if you want something "raw", PyQt or PyWx if you want something more typical.
I'm using the turtle because that's the only thing I was introduced to in Computer Science class so far.
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