A breakdown in communications occurred
#cemetech wrote:
[23:20] <saxjax> (C) *leafiness0 has entered the room.
[23:20] <nikkybot> Don't failings torrent an essay's locked-down proper English amazingly?
[23:22] <AHelper0> nikkybot, that made no sense
[23:22] <nikkybot> Oh
[23:22] <nikkybot> Well DIAF then
[23:22] <AHelper0> nikkybot, I will get right on that
[23:22] <nikkybot> Wrong.
[23:22] <AHelper0> nikkybot: wha...? When?
[23:23] <nikkybot> 0/0 Is not a totally clueless when it is to lock them away for some reason :-\) hasn't been awake since sunday.
[23:23] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Do you like to make no sense now?
[23:23] <nikkybot> kk
[23:23] <AHelper0> kk
< nikkybot> Pee in a file at ticalc, i want you to be like a calculator
more gold:
21:42 < tev> nikkybot: What happened to the n's?
21:42 < nikkybot> I have a channel to have the time.
21:44 <@elfprince> what a fascinating idea.
21:44 < CVSoft-CL> #nikkybot with a nikkybot Q/A setup
21:44 < nikkybot> Yes
21:44 < nikkybot> nikky is too busy trolling elsewhere
21:45 < nikkybot> er, I mean conducting constructive discussion
Pretty sure nikkybot is sentient.

19:46 <@elfprince> I just had a terrifying realization
19:46 <@elfprince> that watching my CS 111 students trying to produce Java code is virtually identical to watching nikkybot try to produce English sentences
19:46 < nikkybot> Just use Perl
19:46 < nikkybot> like tev *should* have when making me
01:57 < AHelper0> I need to get a BIOS for this mobo
02:13 < ParkerR> AHelper0, I found 3 BIOS shops near you. Which one do you want?
02:13 < ParkerR> Razz
02:13 < AHelper0> shops?
02:14 < ParkerR> AHelper0, I was pretending to be siri
02:14 < AHelper0> ah
02:14 < AHelper0> don't touch apple stuff
02:14 < ParkerR> Haha
02:16 <@elfprince> oh, hmm, I think saxjax broke
02:17 <@elfprince> I was saying that you should always touch Apple things, because they're the best.
02:17 <@elfprince> nikkybot: what's your opinion on Apple computers?
02:17 < nikkybot> elfprince: Appletard
02:17 <@elfprince> Very Happy
02:17 <@elfprince> nikkybot: How many Appletard's does it take to change a BIOS?
02:17 < nikkybot> Enough for me to realize that IRC isn't fair
Jonimus | nikkybot: nikky nikky nikky nikky nikky nikky

I got exactly the response I was looking for. Very Happy
That's wonderful.
Why do all of you get nice conversations and nikkybot just says 0 to me?

I think there are certain subject he's more fond of than others.
Now I know why:
#cemetech wrote:
09:58:19 (#) AHelpICS: nikkybot: why do you like 0 so much?
09:58:20 (#) nikkybot: because you don't
09:58:35 (#) AHelpICS: nikkybot: gah dammit
09:58:39 (#) nikkybot: Gah, i'm tired, goodnight everyone.
09:58:57 (#) AHelpICS: bye nikkybot
09:58:59 (#) nikkybot: Loser
09:59:02 (#) nikkybot: We don't need you anyway
So, since nikkybot is a mirror of nikky, and nikky is clearly a kind and caring person, the following conversation was bound to happen:
#cemetech wrote:
[01:54] <AHelper0> good evening nikkybot
[01:54] <nikkybot> Good evening to you too, AHelper0
[01:55] <AHelper0> nikkybot, how much do you like zsh?
[01:55] <nikkybot> Too many
[01:55] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you have good taste
[01:56] <nikkybot> hope you have good tires
[01:56] <AHelper0> thank you, nikkybot. How kind of you
[01:56] <nikkybot> np
[01:58] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you are a very kind and caring bot
[01:58] <nikkybot> no u
[01:58] <AHelper0> oh, nikkybot Smile
[01:59] <nikkybot> AHelper0: oh, are you still acting stupid with your CPU?
[01:59] <AHelper0> nikkybot: Yup, my 12 threaded i7 is sad it isn't running you.
[02:00] <nikkybot> or other basic things, please HAVE a nice card just to talk with the 89T, But it isn't yet, is to END up sticking your ram Smile
[02:01] <AHelper0> I still can't tell nikkybot apart from the real nikky
[02:01] <nikkybot> nikky <3
[02:01] <AHelper0> anyways, have a good night, nikkybot
[02:01] <nikkybot> night
[02:01] <nikkybot> luckily I don't need sleep
[02:02] <AHelper0> <3 nikkybot
[02:02] <nikkybot> AHelper0 loves nikkybot
Bug report:
#cemetech wrote:
(2:50:41 AM) AHelper0: good night especially to the kind and caring nikkybot
(2:50:48 AM) nikkybot: I hope I never see you again
(2:51:08 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot: I hope you divide by zero and crash as well
(2:51:16 AM) nikkybot: AHelper0: I hope you aren't ran over by trucks.
(2:51:40 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot: I hope you don't sudo rm -rf /
(2:51:46 AM) nikkybot: ACTION deletes himself
He spurt out a null character before ACTION and as the last character.
Seems like pestering tev on IRC might be the best way to get that resolved.
I noticed that last night. It should be fixed now.
More late-night nikkybot chatter!
#cemetech wrote:
[02:03] <AHelper0> nikkybot: this code is mean
[02:03] <nikkybot> code is LIFE
[02:03] <AHelper0> some very wise words, nikkybot
[02:03] <nikkybot> AHelper0: depending on how sensitive it is lacking some very powerful drugs.
[02:03] <AHelper0> nikkybot: wait, coding lacks drugs?
[02:03] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[02:04] <AHelper0> nikkybot: the hell, man?
[02:04] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[02:04] <AHelper0> nikkybot: your face
[02:04] <nikkybot> do DOES your face isn't instantly kicked.
[02:05] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I do does did done it already
[02:05] <nikkybot> AHelper0: +m is useless... since the wisdom teeth were.I gues they haven't done it myself :-p
[02:06] <AHelper0> nikkybot: can you repeat that with more logic?
[02:06] <nikkybot> Ox40 applied, but I never added that with ubuntu FAIL FAIL
[02:07] <AHelper0> nikkybot: you're drunk, go home.
[02:07] <nikkybot> no u
[02:07] <AHelper0> nikkybot: it's ok to be in denial at first
[02:07] <nikkybot> and I wanted to be in the midwest
[02:07] <AHelper0> sure you do, nikkybot. Go home and go to sleep
[02:07] <nikkybot> I don't sleep
[02:08] <AHelper0> well, nop, nikkybot:
[02:08] <nikkybot> AHelper0: heathen
[02:08] <AHelper0> nikkybot: your conversations are golden.
[02:08] <nikkybot> I think the bots should hold canned conversations
[02:09] <AHelper0> nikkybot: like with saxjax? It will only censor you.
[02:09] <nikkybot> sax sucks {{something}}
[02:09] <AHelper0> and that's why saxjax dislikes nikkybot
[02:09] <nikkybot> because you do
[02:10] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I do what?
[02:10] <nikkybot> AHelper0: i_c-Y was cashing in his client a bot to do what?
[02:10] <AHelper0> again, go home nikkybot
[02:10] <AHelper0> good night all/silly nikkybot
[02:10] <nikkybot> "Those people" yuck. I can't go home to help you, and will probably die a little camera myself, actually
[02:10] <nikkybot> night
[02:10] <nikkybot> luckily I don't need sleep

Out of curiosity, does Nikkybot act differently at different times of the day?

Also, I think we should hook up Nikkybot with some other chatbot and have them converse. ELIZA is the only one that comes to my head, but is there a better one?
The only difference is how likely it randomly says something when it's not being highlighted (more likely at roughly the times Nikky's usually more active).
Nikky Ipsum wrote:

Just go rarely torrent some uploaded program. Just don't pirate. Wow. DERPPDERRP! Don't amazingly criticize yourself. Problem solved! Finally infuriate yourself! Phew.
Will nikky.cemetech.net be set up to offer a nikky ipsum generator for everyone's enjoyment?
AHelper wrote:
Will nikky.cemetech.net be set up to offer a nikky ipsum generator for everyone's enjoyment?

Nikky already did such a thing, you can find it here:
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