TheStorm wrote:
Since there are no official copy's of 2.43 with the new 2048-bit key you cannot install anything lower than 2.53MP on those calcs. That said there are exploits to get around this but it is still not easy to do.
Ugh, that is an absolute travesty. Sad I'd see if there was something we could do to make it easy to deal with that, but I don't want to get flooded with Cease-and-Desist letters.

Debrouxl: yeeeeah, I wasn't thrilled about the duplicate topic...

Combatstx: We have asked you to not double- and triple-post several times; please be aware of that. Also, it should just say TI-84 Plus Educational Technology or some such nonsense. It won't specify in the filter driver selection window that the cable is mini-USB; that's for the TILP cable selection window.
So sorry!... my computer is really slow so i keep clicking.... so sorry... anyways here are the optins...
USB input device
USB input device
USB composite device
USB Mass Storage device
RangeMax Dual Band Wireless
USB input device
USB input device
USB compsite device
FYI: i already installed it too Ti texas Intruments
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