Hi, I'm new here, so let me know if I posted a duplicate or if this is in the wrong forum. Very Happy

With many programs, it takes a long time to get to some of the later letters, even with the [ALPHA]+letter thing. Omnicalc makes the APP menu faster, so is there any way to speed up the program menu?
If you download a shell like DCS7 you can sort programs into folders and go down pages at a time rather than one program at a time. But I'm not familiar with anything to make the TIOS program list go faster.
With zStart, you can set up some shortcuts to launch/edit/compile some programs you use often. For example on my calculator, ON+4 launches Pokemon Topaze, ON+8 edits the source of OmniBlade and ON+9 launches OmniBlade.
Based on comments gkhsieh made in chat, it sounded like he decided to use Doors CS. Gkhsieh, if that is indeed the case, be sure to consider using folders to organize your programs and find programs faster.
I agree with that.

That said, the speed of the PRGM menu since OS 1.14 has improved A LOT over OS 1.12. Back then, with 70 programs, it took one second to scroll one program into the list.
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