Hello all,

I'm looking for a few custom icons to use at my website Numbertron. They're for display on a map, so they ought to not blend in too much. I'm going to pay some real money (open to negotiation, my suggestions listed below - tell me if I'm being unreasonable).

(This will be work for hire; once you provide me with original source files and I transfer money to you, I will assume full rights for the images you create.)
  1. A telephone exchange building. Big, 48x48 px or maybe even 64x64. Designed to stand out somewhat. I like the design of this building, perhaps with a phone icon on the side of it. Microwave feedhorn antennas are also relevant. ($25)
  2. A smaller version of the above buliding, 32x32. ($10)
  3. A small standing man, 32x32. Perhaps similar to the Google Streetview man. Several colors (orange, grey, blue, green) of the same icon. ($10 total)
  4. Smaller versions of the above man, 16x16. ($8 total)

All of these should work well together, and on top of a map. My intent is for a zoomed out view to contain the smaller buildings, and as you zoom in the buildings get larger and are surrounded by the man icons. I'm not sure whether I want them flat or isometric. My site design is rather flat, though I do prefer the isometric look.
If I get an hour or two of downtime, I might give this a try, though no guarantees. Sounds like reasonable compensation and terms to me, at any rate. Also, the Numbertron website is quite interesting indeed, including the telephone 101 and 102 articles.
I'd also love to take a shot at this; I think it's possible to finish these all by the end of today -- when I do, I can post them here for you to see what you think. For future jobs, you could always search amongst my fellow Pixelationers to see which one of them are open for work: http://www.wayofthepixel.net/index.php?board=8.0

As for the rate, I think it's fair to point out that this is (at most) a two hour job, so a little over $26/hour -- which is a swell deal (on the artist's side) considering the small size of the job.

And as for the "isometric" idea, I'd also point out that the given example isn't isometric, but simply a rectangular-prism building at a slight overhead perspective; before you suggest the isometric idea, it would be beneficial to realize that in the "pixel art" world, isometric usually refers to this 2:1 ratio perspective: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090227203813/finalfantasy/images/e/e4/FinalFantasyTacticsAdvanceGBAScreenshot.jpg If you could clarify on whether or not you particularly want this, it would be helpful.
Er, yes, your screenshot is exactly what I meant by "isometric". I suppose that might be more properly called dimetric?
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