Take this short quiz and find out. My results: https://gmail-value.backupify.com/worths/use1kn255j

I left the wage value unchanged to reflect median wage, which provides a lot better valuation than my college-student research stipend.
My result. (A bargain, at $780; old-school, balanced (contacts) and succinct (message size))
I also left the wage value unchanged, since I'm also a student.

Calculating the value only based on outgoing messages (as they say it is) seems less than ideal to me, since you very rarely care about messages you've already sent. The greater cost of losing that data would be recovering the things you don't still know (which are unlikely to be things that you sent in messages, and more likely to have been received).

The service the company sells is pretty neat, too- ensuring data remains available in all its forms is something I'm consistently concerned about. My solution to the problem involves a daily cron job to back up all my mail with offlineimap, though.
I think their application isn't robust, as it read MM/DD/06 as MM/DD/0006 instead of 2006. Razz Anyway, mine is apparently worth $1245, but I'm also a bargain due to my student "salary". Also, I'm old-school, as I've had my account for so long, and an extrovert, since I have 1100+ contacts. I'd love to see their formula for the money numbers, though, and see if it isn't just something arbitrary to get people to learn more about their backup services.
They calculate it as the cost of paying you to rewrite all of your sent messages:
† Value derived from time spent composing email multiplied by specified wage.

This is why I complained about their value calculation in my post above. Smile
I'm quite the bargain. $8.26.
I'm a bargain at $1,500 but quite verbose. Interesting thing to "monetize."
I'm a bargain at $243.26.
souvik1997 wrote:
I'm a bargain at $243.26.
And I see you've been using the service for 2006 years. Rolling Eyes
Oh, oops. Razz That should have been 2008, not 0008.
KermMartian wrote:
...and an extrovert, since I have 1100+ contacts.

How does that even work? Does GMail automatically create a contact for every message received or something?

I don't use GMail, but for the fun of it: $2,672.39, apparently.
haha, I happen to be... free!


this might stem from the fact I made it only a while ago after a miserable amount of time with yahoo mail (why I was thinking that using yahoo mail was a good idea, I have no clue...)
$292.71. I have a kinda low wavge due to being a student... I'm a bargain lol. I thought I was using gmail a lot lol.

Also I guess the amount increases exponentially when you have a lot of attachments (like benryves who filled up half of his disk space allowance). Also yay being old-school. I have this account since 2005 oh wow.
Personal: https://gmail-value.backupify.com/worths/xe4w9lqsh2
$1,787.64 and I am old school.

Work: ~$15,549 (it's, uh, high volume)

How does that even work? Does GMail automatically create a contact for every message received or something?

Everyone you've emailed or chatted with ends up as a contact.

$2,527.81. I'm a bargain, am old-school, an introvert (contacts) and am succint (average message size)

Note: that exclude every spam, in case anyone get ideas.
I have to say to this result is.


lafferjm wrote:

Did you visit Rome, way back there in 0011?
only $14.31 D:
Mine is worth $899.01, compared to the average value of $3588.85; I spent 1,265 days compared to the average 1,095 days; I have 313 contacts opposed to the average 434 contacts; my average message size is 29.7 KB, lower than the average of 92.2 KB.
How do you guys have so many contacts? I only have 30 and I thought that was a decent number. Are they mostly from work, friends, other things? I have about 5 that are friends, 4 from work, rest from other things like EqD staff, things from my church, etc.
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