I have found the latest firefox release (1.5.1) to be very unstable for me, so I decided to try and use Opera pending the next update of firefox. I must say I am fairly impressed with Opera thus far - the interface is very clean, uncluttered, and fast, and the browser itself seems quick enough. What are your experiences with the latest FF release or Opera?
I've been using Opera since 6.x, and I've always stated it's much more useful than firefox in almost every aspect, sure Opera doesn't support plugins, but when you really consider it, Opera doesn't need them. Smile
Yeah, it's true opera doesn't seem to need the performance-enhancing knick-knacks, but I miss all the fun toys and doo-dads like wikipedia search and foxytunes.
i've used Opera, and its great

Opera's like an exotic sports car, amazing out of the box and very polished

firefox is like a muscle car, out of the box it may have 350hp, but with some tuning and upgrading, it can push 500hp, yet still feels raw and mean as hell (yet it'll never be as sleek or polished as Opera)

since i prefer the make-it-how-you-like-it mentality of FireFox, that is what I use

And extensions like greesemonkey are just so dang useful, i could never get rid of it, not even for all of Opera's sleek, sexiness

Oh, and small corection, BOTH Opera AND FireFox support plugins (both support the Netscape plugins too), HOWEVER, Opera doesn't have any "extension-like" capabilities. Plugins would be things like Java, Flash, etc...
I too have found FF 1.5 to be very unstable. When I try to download files, it instantly crashes, so I installed an "Open in IE" extension that I use for all downloads. Ugh. Also, it crashes if I try to go to preferences. Sigh.
i've found FF 1.5 stable as a rock (on all 3 winxp comps here)

FF 1.5 self-compiled on linux is also stageringly stable....

Try uninstalling and re-installing FF? (including removing old versions)

EDIT: Jon, why did you call this FF 1.5.1? 1.5.1 isn't out yet.... Confused
Perhaps he still has 1.5 RC1?
I'm sorry, it was
Jonathan_Pezzino wrote:
I'm sorry, it was

as far as i know its still just 1.5, nothing more added on...(newest version is 1.5-r9)
1.5 was stable, but was not.
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