I'm sure we all use BT on a regular basis here, and I have some info which might help your downloads go a little faster:

I actually do not use it.
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Jonathan_Pezzino wrote:
I actually do not use it.

it has many good uses that are legal. I always grab the BT download version from a site for a couple reasons:

1) saves their bandwidth
2) usually faster downloads (if the site can't afford great bandwidth)
3) can move it to a diff comp and still resume the download
I use BT to download anime and linux distros Very Happy
need to look at bittorrent for my self
[Just a general warning to keep this in legal territory. Smile]
I find bittorrent very useful for IPTV shows and linux distro's. save the bandwidth, distribute the content
I've downloaded at least 80 gigs of legal content using it and its never failed to amaze me.
SYStm is awesome Very Happy
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