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Sprite/Tile Requests

Unfortunately I will not have enough time to do all the graphics for my Java RPG myself, however I don't want to use the usual set of ripped tiles/sprites either. If any of you go's would be willing to take a break from b&w/grayscale pixel art, and help do some color tile/sprites for me that would be great, and I'd put your name/screenname in the credits.

Here's what I need:

Lots of medieval/celtic style people: warriors, farmers, women, nobles, you get the point.

Items: things like swords, shields, bows, armor, scrolls, magical items

Magical creatures: trolls, goblins, elves and dwarves

Landscapes/buildings: anything that looks like it could be from 8 century AD ireland

The requirements:
32*32 pixels or a multiple thereof.

at least 8 colors. No more than 256 colors

items, people, and creatures should have a transparent background.


also a description of your tiles would be nice, and how you want to be identified in the credits, if I use any of yours

Thank you in advance
I might give it a try...
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