New language, new barriers. Alright, so the plan is to create a flash-based chat-room we can modify to fit our needs. The desired interfaces include IRC, Facebook, and Twitter. Must be live. Now, for starters, I went out and found myself a handy little IRC lib, as I have quite some experience in the area. First thing I'm reading up, is that I require some sort of security policy, and I can't seem to get it to point to a local file, can't even get it to ping anything but the domain it's trying to connect to. As I don't really have that option for IRC servers, I need to find some work-around.

What I HAVE gotten to work, is generating a server that listens on port 843, and one listening on 6667. Upon attempting to connect, it connects to the 843 first, pings it with a request command, waits about a second, then tries the 6667 server, repeats, disconnects. If I plug the following data:


   <allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="*"/>

as the socket reply on either, it disconnects, and reconnects to the 6667 (destination) server with the normal handshakes. Again, this is only the 843 port on the server it is trying to connect to (in this case, localhost). I haven't found a shred of info to bypass this. I can't imagine making a flash IRC chat interface would be such an impossible task =.= help is requested![/code]
I grabbed a copy of XAMPP Web Server, and hosted a simple index page that gives an iframe of my flash chat program. I tried running


on the initial view upon loading, as well as the socket before connect. The ONLY thing getting any attention is socket:843 (for about 1 second) and the desired port (6667) for about 1 second. I honestly have no idea how to get around this barrier.
Project scrapped. Between this limiter, and the price to purchase, or contract the licence for adobe flash builder is too great for this early in development. It will be faster, and wiser to just pump it through Java for now, and work on a flash version on a more successful date.

If you're curious, one 'must' have a server listening on the destination port 843 to accept the domain policy. This means that a middle-man server is required to do all of the bulk work in messaging, not the flash client. Crap-tastic, right?
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