So recently Notch has been talking on twitter about a new game he is working on. He has mentioned having a name, but he won't say what it is until he knows it isn't Trademarked, Copyright, etc... so it is just being called SpaceCraft for now.

He has said it is going to be a sandbox game but with space elements. You will have a spaceship that you can build and customize with parts you obtain from visiting the planets.

On top of all of that, he seems to have a internal CPU with bits of ASM support that is part of the game. It has a monitor and a working GUI.

That is all that is currently known about the game, but I will keep this topic updated as more information is released and I plan on hunting some of the pictures down that he has posted via twitter about it.

More info about his CPU with ASM support here:

Also an image of his Monitor/GUI with the tweet

lalalallalalalaIM NOT LISTENINGlalalalalalalala

Notch be stealing (more) ideas.
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