KermMartian wrote:
Did you do xfer -h and make sure you're giving it all the arguments that it needs?

Yes, Kerm, I've examined the source, and I'm using the commands I need. The calculator isn't responding to the verify request within the time allotted. I'm thinking of commenting that bit out and trying it without the verify bit.
afxi on casio said:

I was able to successfully transfer files from my computer to the calculator and vice versa, so basically the program works.
My calculator is a fx9860G and xfer9860 was developed before your calculator-version was released, so there could be a difference in some part of the communication protocol of your calculator which leads to the error while verifying. Maybe, if you skip the verifying in the source code, the rest would work. If not, you could ask someone like Simon Lothar, if he has an link-protocol documentation of your calculator-version to adjust the code.

Have you tried commenting out the verification code? Because the FX-9860GII and the FX-9860G connect differently. Wink

I haven't actually looked at the source myself. Razz
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