I'm sure that many recall my HackMe topic. For some reason, I had completely forgotten about this other online puzzle of a different style. I obsessed over it in the sixth and seventh grades. Honestly, it's more puzzling as to why I remembered it than why I forgot about it. It's different now than it was during middle school, as well, so I can't use my old methods of solving it. The puzzle I am referring to is the Tim Tang Test. It supposedly has 200 levels, and nobody has ever successfully completed it. To be honest, it is indeed annoyingly difficult and puzzling. I am stuck on level *six* of the new variant. I was farther on the old one, but I don't believe the old one is available any longer.

Link: http://timtang.com/ttt/

It greets you with music, by the way. Also, as a highly helpful hint, make sure that you listen to the audio clips. They provide a great amount of insight as to the solution.
*bump* despite the relative unimportance of this topic. Razz
I had managed to get to... level 2 >.> Looked up the answer to level 3, and then got truly stuck at level 4. So, I'm just going to stop there, because I'm not good at things like this Razz
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