We often get caught up in the details and internals of writing complex, high-functioning software in low-level languages like C or Assembly. When we finish, we often have useful and internally-complex but not particularly visually impressive programs, like Doors CS or TokenIDE. Occasionally, though, all that effort produces some impressive eye candy at the end, which is the case with today's two features: a game by matrefeytontias called IkarugaX, and a 3D engine demo in progress by tr1p1ea called SolidFRAME. Both have been in development for quite some time, and both are for z80 TI graphing calculators. IkarugaX is a Danmaku-genre shooter/arcade game written in Axe for the monochrome calculators, while SolidFRAME is a pure z80 ASM program for the TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, and even TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition.

In a rare upset, the inimitable Ryan from ticalc.org has already featured IkarugaX, and his description is reliably excellent: "the original Ikaruga is an arcade shmup by Treasure and is regarded in some circles as one of the greatest games in the genre. The game introduced a novel "polarity switching" mechanic that is easy to learn but difficult to master, one that [matrefeytontias] has faithfully implemented in his z80 take on the original." You battle through five increasingly challenging levels and five (?) bosses to beat the game; rumor on the street has it that even the author of the game required countless hours to beat the game. Reported to be compatible with Doors CS 7.2, this fast, fun, and visually-compelling game certainly deserves to be on every TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus. You can find the Cemetech Archives download link below.

SolidFRAME is a 3D engine and demo for the z80 graphing calculators, which tr1p1ea has been working on for at least a year. His first post about the topic here on Cemetech showed off impressive monochrome screenshots of a rotating cube, a Mario head, and a Link head. He later added more lighting effects and 2D clipping, then showed off X-Wing fighters in space in anticipation of a future game. Although tr1p1ea still has that planned game on the back burner, we're thrilled to report that he has ported the basic engine to the TI-84+CSE. He has shown off a color cube as well as the same Mario and Link heads, this time in blazing color. tr1p1ea has also added a video of the engine in action; it looks smooth and impressive to us. We can't wait to see where tr1p1ea goes with this.

IkarugaX z80 Danmaku/Shoot-Em-Up

IkarugaX (left) and SolidFRAME in color (right)
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