I just had the best idea ever, and I need some help to get it off the ground.

The idea is called "Open Book Ware." To put it in short: Github for authors. It will work like Github in that a project will start, people will contribute with branches, the project starter(s) will merge branches, etc.

Ideally, the best complete books/stories will go off to publishing and the money from those books will go to charity/charities of the author's/authors' choosing (This would be way off in the future).

That said: I need help. If some of you would like to help with the website front-end, server/database back-end, etc., that would be very helpful. In addition, I'm going to try to make a git-like client for Open Book Ware.

So whaddaya say? Willing to give me help? PM me or email me at pimathbrainiac@gmail.com

Let's do this! Very Happy
You mean this? https://github.com/schacon/git-scribe

Or even https://www.penflip.com/
Git-scribe is not a website, and penflip is not exactly the open-source/github model. I've seen those before when I was searching to see if anyone else already had my idea Razz

It's still a good project idea, and I would love for the community to help!
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