merthsoft wrote:
KermMartian wrote:
80) (This one's for Merth) You've asked someone out with a calculator
I think this needs an addendum that says: "and it worked".

I feel like I barely fit any of these. I guess I'm not a Cemetechian.

ah man, Merth Sad here, I'll make you more of one now:

88] Your beard is the unofficial Cemetech mascot and always seems to seep itself into any on-topic conversation.
Oh wow. That would get a little confusing. And a little costly. Do you really do that?
89) You have legitimate reasons for having a few calculators in front of you at once on occasion.
90) Your calculator has ever been compared to a souped-up car with bodywork. (true story)
91) Attempts to mock you for your obsession with calculators have been made
92) Said attempts have only served to make you proud of your hobby
That sounds alot like me. Except for the car comparison.

Also. Amazing job with your calculator. that looks cool.
93. People make fun of your calculator, but then beg for you to give them games.
Wow, a lot of these fit...
1-7, 11, 13-16, 18 can bite me but is true in some cases, 26 (the ACTUAL 26, cheater Razz ), 36, 37, 40, 41-48, 52, 56, 58, 64-66, 69, 74-79, 82, 83, 85, 86, 91, 92.

93) You have attempted to design your own programming language
94) ...several languages...
95) ...including using TI-BASIC to do so...
96) You have included aspects of a compiler/interpreter inside numerous other programs (customized scripts, robots, parsers/generators, etc.)
97) You have sought help with a programming/math related issue/topic/project, and eventually got directed to someone with a PhD in the topic, and ended up teaching them about it.
9Cool You learn next to nothing in your linear algebra class
Re: 96: I have written so many generators... Some things just shouldn't be made manually, like XML documentation for and more docs for every TI-Basic command (the latter's generator still doesn't work Sad)
99) You prefer implementing systems to doing the math about systems
100) You prefer implementing systems to writing about your implementation
101) You don't mind doing the math and the writing when you have to
102) You lecture everyone else about good commenting practices and utterly fail in your own code.
103) Your code frequently includes comments warning other people not to touch it.
104) You have fewer dots than Kerm.
105)You need to be explained what "Smiling Cat" is
106) You commonly lurk in the shadows of #cemetech, collecting KermM____ tails
wait, what? Smiling Cat is now a smily? I didnt even notice that, nice job sarah Very Happy
107) You're familiar with saxjax and its quirks
108) You know what "badwordtest" does
109) You understand what 0x5 is and why it's a good thing that 0x5 exists.
110) You've participated in one of Cemetech's Digg/Slashdot/Hackaday/Gizmodo/Engadget fests
111) you memorized decbot scores
112) you say 0x5 in real life
113) Your real life IS cemetech
114) You have more than one account on (Kerm)
Aes re: 114, that's mostly to test things, if you mean StyleTestAccount. Smile

115) You complain bitterly about EfNet, but keep using it anyway
116) You complain how X tech site is super [company]-biased, and how Y tech site is so much better because they're not.
117) You are always willing to argue people who claim a reversal of X and Y in 116
118) You make a distinction between = and == in normal prose and conversation.
Kerm I was meaning your KermMartian. KermM_, KermOffc.

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