Ok, downloaded program, though I am sick, so it may be a while before I can look at it...
Sad Feel better.
I like that.....in the imperative
maybe you should add a code line that if calcdb2 exists, it will automatically hidden by DCS
KermMartian wrote:
Sad Feel better.

Yeah, I am getting there. Thanks. I am gonna try to test the prog tonite...
Although I am sick, better reason to test the program. Becuase I dont have to goto anything 'important' so I can stay home and test longer, with better resaults, faster. So....its better to be sick in a situation like this. Although....I dont like being sick....Oh well.

Edit1: Hey Kerm, Can you tell me were to get the Assembler for TI83+? I want to learn assembly language. Basic is too....well....To put it bluntly..its Basic. Its more limited, and I would like to make some better programs. I have some great ideas, but I cant do it in Basic language.

Yup, just get this:
Thanks Kerm, Sorry for the inconveniece about the posting the 5.4 Beta by the way. Thanks alot Kerm.

If you want more info on asm programming...
Yup yup, he's got some superb resources there.
TI-Freak8x wrote:

If you want more info on asm programming...

I love that page
Thanks, I am still trying to find more info for it, once I have some time to do so.
So did you get a chance to beta-test yet?
I will tonight, now that my flu bug is over... Smile Just got to back up my calc, and upload the newer version of dcs...
Yay! Sounds good.

Arrow Scroll bar not work when trying to go up (The Scroll bar not the /\-\/ buttons)
Arrow 'Right Click' (Alpha) WAY too sensitive
Arrow Editing New Folder Name Made It Into A File Instaed Of Folder
Arrow Making and editing file name always starts with Capital E
Arrow No Spaces in Folder Names
Arrow When I press 'Move into Folder it just restarts DCS
Arrow No Way tp sort (if that was supposed to happen)
Arrow If possible there could be an edit option Wink

More are coming, hopfully not actually.

Edit1: Can somebody post the URL for:
Arrow Essential.zip

Instead of VTI, I would suggest TilEm Smile

Edit: He originally requested the link to VTI to clear that up Cool
ok Thanks, does anyone know were to get the Essential.zip file from http://sureshotm6.tripod.com/ ? Its wont let me in the Utilities Page, it says that there's an error on the page.

Thanks swivel, added to the first post.
EDIT1: Date Corrected

Today was a sad day indead, no joke, Please read along Carfully. Neutral


Crash Log Creator wrote:
Approximately 11:50am – 12:57pm All Discoveries were found

Doors CS 5.1 Crashed

Crash Log:
1. Tried to Lock/unlock Program “Setup”(Created by me)
Result: Archived/unArchived

2. Multiple Tries Resulted in:
a) unwontedly ran program “Setup” at excessively high program speed (finished program all the way through in approx. 1 Second(s).
b) Displayed [ERR: SYNTAX]
c) Discoveries after SYNTAX ERROR:
c1) No Code in ADCS
c2) Accessed Mem Mgnt/Del... Menu
c2.1) ZDCS Data Transferred into “Setup” program.
c2.2) Picture File “Pic1” used approx. 53,000Kb of RAM (With Approx. 4,000kb of RAM left)
c2.3) Tried to archive files not wanted to be deleted.
c2.3.1) Garbage Collect? Accepted
c2.3.2) Finished Garbage Collect Resulted in: Loss of all RAM

Thank you for using SwivelGames Crash Log Creator (This prgram is not real) Neutral .

My Two Files I had Grouped and also were Ungrouped(Lstbsc, Setup, Pic1) Had been corrupt. Which terminated my prjct that I had tried to save by grouping them. The night before I had tried backing up my files but did'nt work, Grouping them was the only solution found to try and save my files. Crying . If you could please try and make sure that this does not happen in Doors CS 5.4 . Thank you Kerm for coming out with the awsome program of Doors CS. Truly sad story, I hope you all never have a day like this, that your project that you worked hard on got deleted because of carlessness of backing up your files. Truly sad day.

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