Let's answer calcman's questions about learning z80 ASM here!

Edit: Here's a link to ASM in 28 Days:
My personal preference on the order you should learn languages (or anyone) is: Basic > ASM > High-level languages. Though, I have to know how the calculator is working Razz
thanks for the help
Do you have any other questions?
I would do Basic -> Basic with third party libraries -> Axe -> ASM.
I would prefer that you learn ASM over Axe, because I feel it's much more powerful and much more fun. I would also give Basic with third-party libraries a try first so that you understand what each offers. Are you using Doors CS?
what is SDK?
The Doors CS SDK allows you to compile asm programs. SDK == Software Development Kit. Smile
It pretty much has everything you need to start developing ASM:

how do i use brass (i have it downloaded)
calcman wrote:
how do i use brass (i have it downloaded)
Just grab the SDK, it has everything you need already, including Brass. You might need Python if you don't already have it.
The DCS SDK includes Brass, so you just use the compile.bat (included in the SDK).
souvik1997 wrote:
The DCS SDK includes Brass, so you just use the compile.bat (included in the SDK).
Exactly this. Everything is already set up for you.
For instance, say you had a program called "TestProgram.asm" and it looked like:
 .db $BB,$6D
 ld a,10
(Boring program, I know) You would then put this program into the asm/source directory of the SDK (Make sure you unzip everything). Then you would open the Command Prompt, cd to the correct directory (For instance, cd Downloads/dcs_sdk/asm/). Then you would run:
compile TestProgram
Note that it doesn't have .asm in it, and that the caps are the same Smile After that, if it compiled correctly (mine will, at least) you will get a message saying that the .8xp successfully compiled and it will be in the asm/exec/ directory with the name: TestProgram.8xp. Also, this will be shortened to TESTPROG on the calculator. That should be all that you need to compile a program Smile
Thanks for the perfect explanation, Tanner! I hope that calcman takes a look at his thread tomorrow.
thanks tanner, that makes sense now
calcman wrote:
thanks tanner, that makes sense now
Is the SDK working for you? Did you start reading ASM in 28 Days yet?
This is NOT an advertisement, its just to help calcman.
I have had many troubles with reading ASM in 28 days. Because of that, I stopped learning for a long time. Then, I discovered Hot_Dog's ASM tutorials for the absolute beginner. I highly recommend you starting with those, they are very well-written and clear. You can download the tutorials here: Hot Dog's ASM Tutorial
Have fun learning, I <3 ASM now!
We have a lot of people here who really dislike Hot_Dog's tutorials for several specific reasons (although not Hot_Dog, who is a great and friendly guy!). The most frequent complaint that I have heard is that the dumb down ASM to the lowest common denominator, omitting things like hexadecimal on the assumption that it will confuse new ASM coders. Several have bemoaned the ".org 40339" line as confusing and awkward compared to the accepted standard of using hex for addresses (eg, .org $9D93). I had actually submitted a list of corrections and suggestions to Hot_Dog based on my own experiences, and he made it clear to me at that point that his tutorials were aimed at extreme beginners who might not otherwise be able to grasp ASM, and therefore tried to dumb it down for them, for better or worse. To each his own. Smile
I don't actually see what's wrong with .org 40339, I think it's much more easy to remember than .org $9D93.
On a side note, he uses it now, if I remember it well.
Seconded, to each his own. I really like it, it is really well-explained.
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