souvik1997 wrote:
Maybe we can talk about CnT. Smile
A session of trying to get as much done as possible on CALCnet Tournament would certainly be a good idea in my opinion! And I think a brief introduction to the DCSB Libs would be cool, but it would only be worthwhile if there were enough people in attendance who are unfamiliar with them.
Hey, get on here. (I lost the old topic.) Here is a screencap where Weregoose transformed into a Werebatgoose (And also the most people we have had broadcasting at once)
Wow, nine broadcasting users, very nice. If only BrandonW would answer my hails inviting him to come to this evening's HCWP. We're doing Prizm development tonight!
I joined tinychat. same user id as here.
ACagliano wrote:
I joined tinychat. same user id as here.
You mean you visited HCWP? You don't really need to register with TinyChat in order to visit us on HCWP. Smile
no. i created an account.
ACagliano wrote:
no. i created an account.
Ah, ok, but again, you don't have to create a TinyChat account to participate in Have Calc, Will Program. We had a Sunday session during the afternoon a few weeks ago for our European friends; I wonder when we'll be doing that again, while we're discussing HCWP.
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