*cough* Red Edition *cough*
Progress all the time, eh?
But of course! I've already decided on a Linux-based OS over the strongARM proc.
Cool. Smile I assume there isn't a prototype yet.
Laughing By the time Kerm starts, strongARM procs won't even be available anymore!
Hey, z80180 procs aren't in general use now either... Very Happy
Laughing So are you saying you only work with old, outdated hardware then? Very Happy
No, I'm saying I try to chllenge myself with stuff other people are too intimidated to try. Smile
o well.. Kerm you should start working on the RE soon, because im gonna get ready with the hardwares Razz
and the pcb and the parts Wink
Awesome, I'll work on my OS write. Cool
No, I'm saying I try to chllenge myself with stuff other people are too intimidated to try. Smile

Laughing Since when did a Z80 become 'intimidating'? Razz Laughing
when everything went high level
Like people who program exclusively in Basic because ASM is too intimidating.
and don't have the time to learn it. Right now, I only do BASIC on calculators, but if you really think about it, I also help other people on their sites which takes time, maintian my own, and my Robotic Team's site. I am busy learning CSS for some new site design stuff, and then I am going into php. I hope by the summer I can have php down so I can start on C++ or something, but if not, oh well
That's about the same as with me, except that I'm busy with school stuff instead of learning other languages.
@rivereye: US FIRST robotics?

old site: http://www.techno-gremlins.org
new one: http://www.rivereye.net/fnew

the new one will be moved once I complete it. Are you in FIRST?
You're right; the new site does need to be worked on. Most of the pages are missing.
I did BEST in 7th/8th grade. The websites for those years are long gone now. Sad
most of the pages do not exist. I have changed the site form FrontPage (that code is nasty to look at) to PHP/CSS and it does everything the old one did and more
Frontpage is horrible like that.
Wish I could persuade someone at my school to start a robotics team. Sad
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