Well Kinda, Maybe more like User Directed Strs that have the message attached to it, although it may be good to use programs and have the message in the program then have it display on the message screen.


:"Message Goes in here"
:"Message Break when ever a new line appears"
:"No other code except Quotations and Sentences"

It would appear like this:

Message Goes in Here
Message Break when ever a new line appears
No other code except Quotatiuons and sentences

as in you could have a huge language in the program but the program would only pull up the lines of code with the Quotation marks around them. This would have to be in ASM, so I would not be able to do it untill I get off my lazy a and learn it. I am way to lazy to learn another language right now.

I find that it's usually a good idea to perfect your knowledge of BASIC and completely understand everything there before trying to go to the next level of ASM.
So the program connects to site X, gets and displays HTMl code? Am I understanding correctly? It seems farfetched to me.
No no no. He went to 9 sites, got their HTML code, converted it to Text and Line commands, and then stored those on his calc.
Waste of time if you ask me. Not to mention that it's not at all what I'm trying to do.
...wait, what? What are you trying to do?
Kuro wrote:
Convenience is good. I should make a webpage on my calc and make it my homepage.

Almost the opposite. Create text and line commands on calc, then try and transfer them to HTML.
ERm....or you can just use TIML, which essentially parses HTML...
So aside from the posts, this discussion was almost entirely worthless. Rolling Eyes
I have some ideas for the device.

Idea 1:

Click on the image to see the Idea.

Idea 2:

Using one of these we can make the reciever to plug into the calculator and make the usb memory stick plug into the computer and make a program that runs from in the Memory Stick and calls the sites off the FTP site then sends them to the calculator. Really the only thing complicated is the program. I can probably make the program once I can get my computer to work.

Just BrainStorming, tryin to open up new ideas we can use and maybe these will lead to some ideas that will work.

You really don't need the mem stick, except for portability reasons. You could also just use a graph-link cable instead of a receiver unit. Good idea, though. Best one so far I think.
Thanks, and the Graph link may work, if we could attach some kinda wireless transmitter. Then all we would need is the program and FTP site. The only thing that is buggin me is that I cant find a way to make a wireless transmitter. And if some how we could make some hot spots in places. really we could have a corded internet but that would be pointless kinda because we could just use the computer infront of it. But I could make it corded for a little while so i can make the program but I'll need to see if I can use an FTP site, maybe Kerm will let me use his? Hmmm, that would be REALLY good if that could be possible Very Happy . If only Kerm would let me. Sad .Too bad, I guess I'll just sob and cry because I have no FTP site...... SINCE I DONT have an FTP site I can use.....yet....... Very Happy .

If you talk to me right, I could give you some ftp at my site
That might work. You could use a wireless device to connect to a hotspot and run the retrieval program. Which would have to be oncalc, or stored in a memstick that can plug into the USB port on 84+s.
rivereye wrote:
If you talk to me right, I could give you some ftp at my site

Ok, that would be cool. If this works I'll get my own FTP site and it will be usniversal and so anyone can use it for there calulator to connect to. It'll probably have a screen name of the serial number of the calc, and have a 15 character password with random numbers. thus creating a certain log in that only the program that you register can access the FTP site. but right now if some one can provide an FTP site for now, cause it really seems pointless to get one and find out that what we are trying to do does'nt work.

The only thing that the program needs to do, is connect to the internet and enter a password and user name into the FTP site log in and make an open portal for access using the FTP site for getting the sites to use on your calc. Is it possible to make a limited account so they can only retrieve(Download) files and deny them access to add files?

Sorry for double posting but, we can also have hosting users so they can add there own sites and if this is successful we can actually charge for CALCsite hosting. Also when we find the right idea that works then we need to patent the idea before some one steals it. Of course I dont think that this will get that big but dreaming out loud does'nt hurt anyone.

Erm, I sense some intellectual property rights infringement on the SID = username idea... Very Happy
Hehe Very Happy , well actually no. I am just making it so that no one else other than us can use our idea for the computer linking program and stuff, like, the WHOLE idea and finished product. We could probably(all of us) go into business as Cemetech a company instead of Cemetech Ltd or we could use a differant name, but I think you have Cemetech copyrighted or trademarked right? Of course if you have staff. But anyway I am still dreaming alot latly. I need to stop. lol. I am anoying myself kinda.

i read in the news about this satellite technology system enabling your car to act as a wireless router using connection from the car to the satellite. so basically, internet on any capable electronics(laptops, wireless handhelds) without having to connect to a router!!
too bad that it costs about 6000 bucks...
and connection gets lost if a big building is near you..
well, can we make something out of this?
somehow.. build a satellite Very Happy and make it connect to each calculator?!
just some thoughts.
I know! Make each calculator into a satellite! Very Happy
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