TICI 1.0
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Reply If you would send me the schematic for the wireless link, I will create a TICI 1.0-compatible driver for it. For info see > Projects > Hardware > TICI 1.0

I was woundering if you actually made the link. I am looking for a link for my calculator, I found the IR LINK(not sure uf any one seen it) but thats extremely close ranged any ideas for a ferther distance?
I was thinking:

If any one could give other ideas, or give some plans for something like that would be great.
What you just invented is called the "modem". Good job. Very Happy
What is easier: just use gCn. Smile
Lol, at least he has the right idea.
Yeah, no, it's a great idea. I investigated it thoroughly about 4 years ago until I realized it was improbable and unrealiable to send raw data via phonelines.
Oh ok, is there another way to send data long distance?
Other than gCn, there's a way to hook up two TiLem emulators over the internet.
What is gCn? How would you connect two TiLem emulators over the internet? And what are TiLem emulators? Sorry for all the questions Wink .
TILem is an emulator for the z80 calcs (82-86)
TIEmu is an emulator for the 68k calcs (89-v200)
VTI is an emulator for most of these.

You can't do two TILem over the Interent yet due to it doesn't yet have external linking.

As for gCn, I will leave that to Kerm.
gCn = globalCALCnet2. It's something I'm working on for connecting Doors CS 6-enabled calcs over long distances.
better than the answer I could have given.
Eventually it will be able to connect every calculator in the world.
gCn = calculator internet
Good call.

gCn = calculator internet + IM + remote file downloading + email + etc
KermMartian wrote:
Good call.

gCn = calculator internet + IM + remote file downloading + email + etc

yeah, you generally can do that on the internet, so its a tad redundant to start listing uses of the internet Rolling Eyes
Better to say then: gCn = multiprotocol socket data network access.
actually, doesn't it allow towork over any TCP/IP network?
Yes, but not only TCP/IP, also UDP, AIM, whatever, which is why I said "multiprotocol" Very Happy
uh Kerm, TCP/IP is multiprotocol, I am starting to think you don't know your protocols (sorry, I blame ch7 from my MCSE book)
UDP is separate from TCP/IP. Go look that up Mr. Book. Razz
ok, but it still requires IP, it is only an alternate to TCP, not TCP/IP, and part of the TCP/IP architechture. Take a look at a TCP/IP protocol stack figure one time, UDP is part of it.
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